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Wellbeing images

Wellbeing images - posters framed - images for a better life!

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Wellbeing images

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Wellbeing images

The Wellbeing images bring positive energy to the space where they are placed, at home, office or any other place you want to charge it beneficially.

Knowing the influence of subtle energies on people, on spaces, on their health and prosperity, the author created these gallery wall framed to help them achieve their projects, their desires.

All our posters and canvases are digital reproductions of the author’s original file made with his agreement. A copy of the image or an unauthorized and unvalidated reproduction cannot contain the magnetic charge and the spiritual intention of the original work.

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Wellbeing images energy

The objects around us influence all aspects of our lives: health, prosperity, professional success, relationships with those around us. A wellbeing image will have a decisive impact on our subconscious, it will delight us, it will give us a good mood in which we can think more clearly, we will be creative, we will find solutions to various life problems. A wellbeing image placed in our home or in the space where we work will energize us on a subconscious level, giving us the mental power to act intelligently and efficiently in whatever we need. Having a wellbeing image next to you means having a daily state of wellbeing, in all aspects of life, for example to have wellbeing at work. The energy each image is charged with is indicated by the name of the image. These images, of different sizes and printed on various materials, can be very suitable as gift ideas to beautify and energetically enrich any space: a house, an apartment, an office, a study, a shop, a workshop, etc. Each wellbeing image is a true work of art, a true Zen wellbeing image.

Which wellbeing image will we choose?

What wellbeing image will you choose for your office, – for your wellbeing at work, – for your workshop or bedroom, or for the living room where you spend more your time? The answer is in you, in your intuition.

Do you need more vital energy? Do you feel like you need protection? Some wellbeing images work for our protection, that of our family and our home. Should I recover my health? Some images will help us to heal, to recover our physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing. Do you need to concentrate, mobilize myself to success planning? Do you need calm? Some wellbeing images are strongly indicated as “meditation images“, which help us to have a complete meditation, with concrete results.

Do you need to receive beneficial energy in all its forms, in all aspects of life? Some images will deeply influence you and help you achieve the desired success.

The author of the  wellbeing images

Creator of radionics devices and images with radionics influences, author of several radionics books, the author of these wellbeing  images has a remarkable experience in physical health, in mental wellbeing, in emotional wellbeing, with impressive results. He has written several books including Solaria, The Shield of Light and The Big Book of Radionix. His radionics products and his energizing designs bring health and wellbeing, and have made his signature a benchmark in this field. The author, Raphaël Dajafée, states that in creating the images he is guided by divine forces: “I believe in the DIVINE power conveyed by the vibration of the image. »

Printers of the wellbeing images

We work with large format photo printing experts who print images in the size and media of your choice at the highest possible quality. Whether you want an image on a poster, on canvas picture or large canvas prints, on Plexiglas or on Alu-Dibond, you are sure to choose the best quality and speed by ordering wellbeing images on our site.